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A Nation in Distress

A tribute to 9/11

Let our eyes turn to the heavens and pray for peace!

The Tower

In the wake of September 11th, 2001, the world witnessed unimaginable damage that could not be undone.

When I look at this card now, I see a complete resemblence of this days events and ask why? and how? The shock of the jolt as the arrow points in the direction from what we saw as the first plane hitting The Tower. As these people who were and are responsible are nothing more than cowards.

The burning Tower revealing the much controversied faces in the rising smoke, I feel had obviously already parished and their souls were screaming out to their loved ones for some hope.

With the elements of Fire and Air, Spirit and Matter, Heaven and Earth, It's all very hard to accept that we were struck on our own turf. As the man and woman jump from burning windows to the earth, I feel their souls had transcended and rebirthed. The mountainess peak that The Tower in this card stands upon lets me see the wall that still remains at Ground Zero.

A huge Thank You goes out to all who helped in any way possible at Ground Zero. We will never forget that first plane striking The Tower that had opened a door, for our country to go fight this war. As 911 is now written in History, why this days events happened, still remains a mystery.


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