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Gifts And Tarot Greeting Cards
Birthdays, Aniversaries, Special Occasions or Holidays

Send someone you care about the gift of a Tarot greeting card.

Melissa will pull one special card from a deck of Tarot cards which would be suitable for that special greeting.

Each Tarot Greeting Card is $5.00

Email the following information for that special greeting card:

  • What Occassion this card is for
  • The sender's name
  • Sender's message
  • Recipients name
  • Email address of sender and recipient*
  • Mailing address if sending via postal service*

*Cards may be sent via email or U.S. postal mail

Example of a Tarot Greeting Card
Greeting Card- Encouragement

Message- May you achieve all your dreams with your new career. All my best, Amanda.

Deck- Osho-Zen

The card Possibilities(Two of Fire) Gives you the insight that you can achieve the highest levels of content above everything else in your circle if that is your wish. The eagle soars high above the earth plane looking downward at the landscape below.

This card offers you the insight that you may be at a point where there's a world of possibilities that are wide open to you. You can understand your own nature and being in this life. Enjoy your flight and make the possibilities become realities.


Gift Certificates Available

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