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Melissas Readings

Pricing anyone can afford

  1. Tarot Card Reading - Love, Career, and Gained insight to a possible future.

  2. OH Card Reading - Insight for questions based on emotional and mental blocks to a situation (ie; what are my mental blocks in finding a new job?)

    Tarot Readings
    OH Card readings
    15 min
    30 min
    45 min
    1 Hr

Card readings are done with spreads of five (5) cards or more

  • Payment MUST be made in FULL before readings will be performed
  • Due to legalities NO ONE under the age of 18 years old please
  • Refunds can not be returned without a working email address
  • Rates subject to change without notice
Gift Certificates Available
Discounts available for returning clients

Readings may be done through private online chat by appointment only. I believe in giving all of my clients the most accurate reading that I can possibly give. Thus, I will focus my full attention on the tarot that all clients deserve to have.

My readings are private and confidential, and will never be shared in any way as public domain. 

If you need further information please email me at







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