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Melissa's Code of Ethics

When reading the tarot for others, I will have the utmost honesty and integrity from the beginning to the end of the reading. I will not suggest to a client what he/she should and should not do, and will periodically remind them  that the cards are merely hinting or suggesting a possible future, and in the end they have the power to change their destination.

If any client comes to me seeking a tarot reading for Financial, Legal, or
Medical advice of any kind, I will explain to them, that I am not licensed to give this type of information out. I will also remind the client, that should they choose to take any given information from any unlicensed nonprofessional person that their situation could possibly become worse. I will then strongly recommend the client to seek a more qualified and licensed professional. At this point, I will offer the client a reading on another question they may have.

If a regular paying client requests a free reading, I will use careful and thoughtful consideration based on their individual situation. The decision will be made based on their payment history in the past. If I decide to give a free reading, I will ask in return that the client give something back to their community or to someone in need, from their heart.

If  a client advises me of  their  intent to commit suicide, I will ask them to talk it over with God first. Secondly, I will remind the client that each person is responsible for the actions that they choose to take in their life. Thirdly, I will ask the client to get in touch with their inner feelings and to think back to when their life started to spiral out of control. By doing this they may find a way to reverse the spiral and change their destination.

If a client informs me that they have taken a personal interest in me, I will politely explain to them that  it would be professionally unethical of me to take a business relationship to a personal level. Should I gain this knowledge, I will form no judgement upon the client and the readings I perform for them there after.

If a client wants to engage in a challenge over the meaning of the cards I will let them have victory. After all, the client of course, knows their life and/or situation better then I. I will only inform the client that the cards  are merely offering other insightful information and/or other opportunities as well.

Although, if  the cards are very negative concerning any client, it is my personal and tarot ethical duties to inform them of this. I will then remind  them that my readings are "not etched in stone" and that he/she does have the power to change their destination.






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