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  Readings by Melissa

A deck review by Melissa Zurow, CPTR
Imagine cards which would allow anyone to tune into emotional and mental attitudes blocking a person's progress in life. Imagine a system which could help you unravel the mysteries of habitual responses of preprogrammed reactions to given situations. You may achieve this insight by using The Oh Cards.

The Oh Cards are used to tune into emotional/mental blocks and to get useful insight. The Oh Cards consists of two decks of 88 cards each. The first deck is the logic deck with a word repeated four times around it. The second deck is a smaller deck with soft watercolor pictures.

You can not use them for questions such as ' am I going to get a new job?'. The way you would phrase a question would be ' what are my blocks to finding a new job?' or 'what are my blocks to meeting the right person for me?'

You can use The Oh Cards with most Tarot spreads. In this case, you would lay these cards face down. Getting started with The Oh Cards you would shuffle them as you would  a tarot deck. Ask the question to both decks. Then pick a word card and a picture card and put them together and Voila! You would now discuss the two as a pair.

This method I do not care for. The reason being, if you're reading for a client and it's a
negative pairing, your client may be facing some serious emotions to deal with that they may not want to at first. I refer this method as the 'knocked in the head' version.

The method I like to use is just this. Shuffle the cards as you would a tarot deck. Ask the question to both decks. First I pull a picture card. Discuss it. What does it mean to me?

Then I pull a picture card. Discuss it. What does it mean to me? Do the images on the card apply to my life at this time or another? Then I would put the two together and discuss them together as a pair.

Usually the word card is the issue in question. Then the picture card follows with more insight on the word. Just as with Tarot, some pictures and words create feelings. Go with the first thought that comes into mind. Your creative right brain is looking at the picture. Your practical left brain is reading the word. Both sides of your brain is addressing the issues.

As talked about earlier, these cards can be used with most tarot spreads. You may choose to not want to use spreads and just lay the cards down. How do you know when to stop? Usually when you get a 'happy pairing' is a sign to stop pulling the cards. Surely you wouldn't want your client to leave with all sorts of negative emotions wandering through their mind. Some of these cards are graphically/sexually intense that you may choose to edit your decks especially if you read for children and/or young adults.

I recommend The Oh Cards to anyone who would like to explore the emotional blocks that we tend to bury down inside of us. I especially recommend The Oh Cards to those who do work with people who have special needs. They are a great asset. I especially like them because they tell you and show you the truth.


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