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A Deck Review By Melissa Zurow, CTC
The Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg
By Yury Shakov
ISBN 0-88079-583-2

The illustrations on this deck are by a man named Yury Shakov- a Russian artist for lacquer miniatures. As the small book that comes along with the deck notes, the paintings for this tarot deck were done to the exact size. Some detailed work even required a magnifying glass at times.

The deck itself in my opinion, is very classy and elegant. The border is a shiny dull gold and based with a black background with a floral decor surrounding the oval egg shaped scope. This is seen on both the front and back side of the cards.

Although, on the back side of the cards, the four suits are closely displayed in the oval egg shaped scope. The suit of Wands are known as Clubs. They have a spiked rounded end to them. The suit of Pentacles are known as Coins in this deck.

The pictures and images on this deck are small and almost tiny in size. Some cards with figures almost appear with very distinctive features as if they were created to be of a wooden doll look.

I really enjoy looking at the color in these cards. I feel the color is very rich and defined within the cards themselves.

I also loved reading with this deck as I felt I was able to connect with it very well when I used it to read for clients. It's now my opinion, that this deck is more of a collector deck for the artsy individual and/ or a collector for one who loves paintings.

This deck is now on my shelf of collectors as I read with it for personal use. Although, some clients have enjoyed me reading with this particular deck in the past. So every now and again, I will read with it professionally upon request of the client. Now that this is a collector deck for me when I do read professionally, I do have this deck on the table for clients to choose from for their reading.......copyright©MelissaZurow, CTC


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