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Experiencing Both Ends Of The Line With A Telephone
900 Psychic Line

As readers yourself there are alternatives to earning money as a tarot reader in various ways. For about six months I got to experience what it was like to work as a telephone 900 psychic. The experience gave me food for thought of what I've learned on my tarot journey.

When I got started doing 900 line phone readings it was very different than giving readings in person, through email and postal mail. The demand for phone psychics of all hours in the night was amazing. Some of the calls were as normal as can be. What I mean by 'normal' is your common requests that are made; love, career, relationship.

People would call because they want to see if you are the real deal. People would call because they have a pressing question they need guidance with. Some even would call which I believe they dialed the wrong 900 line!

With just about all Networks out there, there are guidelines that had to be followed. This was a piece of cake to do. You just needed to follow the guidelines and you would be well set on your way. With some of the calls I took went well against my ethics in reading the tarot. Some callers wanted medical advice and some of course wanted to know when they or a loved one will pass. I simply explained to these callers that I could not read to fulfill their request. I offered to read on other questions they might of had.

They were very much insistent on these particular questions being answered. I would not go against my ethics and proceed and explained that to the caller and then hung up.

The publics eye looks at tarot readers and/or psychics to tell them fortunes. I know and feel I am taught very straight forward in the one group I am in that we are not fortune tellers. We are not God and should not try to play the role of God and even attempt to give this type of insight out. Some calls to this nature had bothered me.

I in turn, called into the 900 line myself to see what it was like to call a telephone 900 psychic. The experiences were very unrewarding. There are some telephone 900 psychics that give the genuine readers a bad name. What I mean by this is, they take control of the reading. You may ask, 'but the reader has control, they're reading.' Yes. This is true to a degree. But when I called and got a computer voice talking to me and not mentioning that I am in any way obligated to give my personal information out and if it's an option.

When I was connected to the readers some would absolutely refuse to give me a reading without them having that information. I felt that was an invasion of my right. I explained that to the reader that there is not an option on the computerized menu saying that I have to give this information out. The reader would still not budge.

Now you can imagine at paying $5 a minute what cost me just by arguing these points.

Then there were some that wanted to babble on about astrology, and that and this that I had no interest in. I just wanted a simple question answered. Some readers went completely around before they could even touch upon the material I wanted insight on.

This is what I mean by 'control'. Yes I believe the reader should have control since they are reading but to a degree. Some wouldn't even let me ask questions in regards to something they said. This told me that some readers have no compassion to what the caller is paying per minute.

When I was logged in taking calls I would answer the phone and do what I had to do within the guidelines of the Network. I simply got the information if the caller was obliged to give it out. If not I did not push the issue. I felt it was their right to divulge it or not. I
then asked what I could help them with and from there -- let it become their reading. I just read the cards and told them a story with what they wanted insight on. I had compassion for the callers that were paying $5 a minute and not to babble on about other stuff they were not interested in.

With some of the calls that came in I was surely uncomfortable with. I raised them in question to upper management and they pretty much in a nutshell didn't want to be bothered by it. They just pushed to keep the caller on the line. I felt in my heart that this was wrong. And from what I've learned on my tarot journey this was wrong.

With some issues I questioned and the response was 'what a stupid question.' My response to that was 'no, there are no stupid questions.'

I came to some issues that went against the groups guideline ethics and my own personal ethics of the tarot. I kept thinking it would change and it will turn around.

As days and weeks went by it got worse. With talking to another reader, they experienced some similar issues. There was very little or no training.

I must add, that I was not even required or even asked to perform a test reading to prove my skill before I was logged on to the line for the first time. This is where I can see that they get individual's on the line that may have little to no experience in any metaphysical realm.

It was also informed to me that it was required to keep the caller on as long as you can. As a reader myself and with most of the common questions that came in were able to be answered in fifteen minutes alone.

I couldn't bear to keep callers on after I closed the reading just to babble on about pieces of astrology that didn't know much about. You are required to keep a certain average to get tons of calls. My experience with that was I was a yo yo. My average went up and it went down and back up again and so forth.

With having a full time day job and having to be up as early as 5 a.m. -- go to work all day and tend to family and dinner and errands and so forth and by the time I could log on I was just beat.

My productivity was at its lowest. I felt I was not fresh as I would be in the morning but had another job to report to. This too can play a role on how you maintain your required average with the telephone 900 psychic
line. I became unhappy after awhile of what I was doing and what was being asked of me to do that went against my ethics. I didn't want to deal with the drunks and the callers that wanted phone sex but dialed the wrong number.

Another reader introduced me to two great books in regards to this.
The first one Secrets of a Telephone Psychic by Frederick Woodruff. On a scale from 1 - 5 I give this book a 5. As someone told me 'very funny'. And I would have to agree with them. Why? Because there are chapters in this book that I just chuckled at. Why? Because it was so true to my experiences. Especially the last chapter entitled ' how to call a psychic and not go broke'. I got some good laughs from this one.

The second book A 1- 900 Psychic Speaks by Donna Kenworthy. On a scale from 1 - 5 I give this book a 5 as well. Why? Because again, the experiences are all so true when I read this book. I got some good chuckles out of some of the calls Donna talks about in her book. Some were all too familiar with my experiences. I really enjoyed reading these books and I only wish I knew of them sooner.

Just as these two authors of these two wonderful books I am no longer a telephone 900 psychic by choice of my own experiences. I believe I can better help people in other ways in reading the tarot than robbing callers of $5 a minute and babble on about nothing.

I would suggest to find a reader in person in your own community to where you can build a relationship as reader/client and that are a reasonable amount of money. If you are considering in taking a job as a telephone 900 psychic I would recommend reading these two books mentioned above before you start. These are two great books to read to research it if you are considering in this type of work.

I have not contributed my experiences to give telephone psychics and telephone psychic networks a bad name, but there are some out there that do give the genuine readers a bad name. I offer my experiences to give you a better understanding of what you may experience yourself. If you are considering this type of work some suggestions would be to purchase these two wonderful books which are available online through Ask lots of questions to whomever you're in contact with before you start work and be careful that you don't go against your own ethics, do some preliminary research on this before you start and see if this would be the job for you........copyright©MelissaZurow, CTC


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