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Philosophy Of A Tarot Consultant

The Tarot Consultant is a very important level in certification. One can define 'consultant' in many different ways. The term consultant may also be misconstrued by many clients.Therefore, the Tarot Consultant may want to consider the ways they would like to represent the term consultant in their certification. Then knowing the right way of using it rather than the wrong way and abusing it.

The Consultant should be well versed and knowledgeable in using several different tarot decks. Not limiting themselves and their energies to one specific favorite deck. They should also be able to incorporate other areas of divination into the cards giving the client a more broad spectrum of a reading. If a client is in search of insight in an area of divination that the Consultant does not specialize in then the Consultant should be knowledgeable of readers whom they themselves trust and have read together with in other areas of divination to refer the client to.

The Tarot Consultant should also be very academic in consulting the cards using a wide range of spreads reading together with their clients.They may want to have the ability and experience in dealing with any question their client may ask during the reading. Should the client ask a question in regards to an area that the Consultant is not Certified to be giving information in, the Consultant should have the knowledge and a list of referral numbers that they can give to their client for the appropriate area in question.

The Tarot Consultant should have the ability to gain the trust of their client. Also having the knowledge of the client feeling comfortable with the readers level of certification and expertise in reading tarot cards and other forms of divination. More importantly, the Tarot Consultant should consult the cards with respect, the respect of their client and honesty to where the reading will be beneficial to the client. Afterall, the client will seek out the Consultant to consult the cards. Perhaps if the client feels the reading may be beneficial to them, the Consultant may get referral clients.


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