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How Mentoring Can Be Fun
By Melissa Zurow, CPTR
Every now and then there seems to be questions that arise on Mentoring.
Why do I need a mentor?

Why hasn't my Mentor responded to any of my letters/calls? What does having a Mentor have to do with my studies?

These are just a few of the questions I receive. We often forget that when we were once young that we had mentors of some kind. This could have been school teachers, coaches, instructors, parents, a boss, or anyone that may have taken us under their wing because they believed in us.

They saw, and continue to see talents within us. A talent that we could build upon and may not even know it because we fail not to proceed and keep in touch with a mentor who can help guide us along the way.

Just recently, I was faced with a situation to train an individual at work to learn  the basics and procedures of  the job. I didn't know much about this person except for the fact that quite a few people disliked her. For what reason I didn't know and much less didn't care. I was given a direction by my boss and I took ownership of that direction that was handed down and took her under my wing to teach her and train her with everything I know.

At first I shadowed her and encouraged her to ask questions. She did admit that she was intimidated to ask questions because she didn't know if they would be the right ones. I explained to her that a person learns by asking questions no matter how big or how small. I also explained that not asking questions will only limit your knowledge and you may never know an answer. This is true with any situation in life.

Well needless to say, after I started to let her walk in her own light  she did come to  me seeking answers in areas that she was not clear on. Other individuals often asked me 'why are you training her?' I would tell them that it was my job. They would respond back by asking me to not and just let her be. I could not believe what people were saying to me about this person.

At that point in time, I re-evaluated what teachers I have had and
mentors along the way thus far in my life who helped me get to where I am today with hopes of getting further and meeting other  mentors along the way. As I began mentoring in the ATA, FRN, FTN I took a pledge, a responsibility, a duty, a teacher, a guide, and a mentor as others have done for me.

My mentoring has given me great rewards as I am introduced to others with similar knowledge, new questions, new names, new insights, new friends on this spiritual path. Since my mentoring duties began I also write a monthly email newsletter that is sent out on the first of each month to all I mentor from the ATA called Tarot Traffic.

Tarot Traffic has everything a tarotist would enjoy reading from tips, card pulls, articles, and much more. This is how I make mentoring fun. I enjoy writing Tarot Traffic and my mission with it is to let the people I mentor know  that I am here when they need assistance. I've gotten great feedback from many with the newsletter so I do know it is being enjoyed and it keeps us in close correspondence with each other.

As long as they are happy reading, I am happy to continue writing the Tarot Traffic. So if you're an individual who has a mentor, I encourage you to write them and say hello and make a new friend. If you're mentoring, find a way to help and mentor others like I have. Mentoring has become a priority for me on my spiritual path. While I am assigned new students to mentor, I don't think of it as a burden. I think of it as a blessing.

So the next time someone asks me 'why do you want to train?' My one and only response to that would be 'why wouldn't I?


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