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Melissas Readings


Welcome and thanks for taking the time to find out more about me

I have been reading the Tarot for over a decade, and use a wide selection of Tarot cards. My favorites include the Universal Waite and Russian Tarot Decks. The Tarot Association has hundreds of decks available and they add several varieties each year.  Some decks revolve around sports, animals, space, cartoons and ancient times. All of which are designed to hold the origins of their meanings as early as the fifteenth century.

The Tarot Card can not predict the future. However, they are a powerful tool that offers insight to those who want  to grasp the knowledge of the path that they walk along, and to shed light on the possible future that awaits them.

In my everyday life I enjoy simplicity, such as, getting out among nature and perhaps walking through a quiet peaceful park, enjoying the vibrant warmth of the sun above, and listening to the beautiful sound of the birds singing their joyous melodies.  Of course, my favorite past time is lounging at the pool on a warm summer day.  Nature has so much to offer, we sometimes need to take the time out to relax and enjoy it.  I use these mellow times to unwind from the rat race, but I do love Country/Western music, horse back riding, and getting into the dirt and grime at rodeos. When all else is said and done, I enjoy other peaceful moments with my beautiful cat Samson who I absolutely adore.

I look forward to meeting you and exploring your future with Tarot Cards.



Chakras and Auras- Chakras represent colors of energy points throughout the human body. Auras are an electromagnetic field of energy surrounding us.
Body Tuning - Tuning forks are tools to help you develop and refine your sonic abilities for balancing and harmonizing the body's energy.
Reflexology - Our feet are an entire body within themselves. Reflexology reduces stress and anxiety, it revitalizes, and creates an overall sense of well being.
Astrology - The basic study of the influence of the planets and the stars on man.
Candle Magick - The science or art of causing change to occur in conformity with the Will.

At this time please take a few moments to read my personal Code of Ethics to better understand my personal beliefs in Tarot Card reading.

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